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Cybersecurity,  Act today as if you’ll be attacked

G-LandOne  is at the forefront of key components of cybersecurity, serving the needs of our clients through: supporting the management and securing of PKI implementations, integrating innovative security technologies into large scale environments, and supporting and maintaining complex security environments.


Tomorrow whether from malicious attack, system failure, or human error, a data breach or loss event impacts a business’ bottom line and damages its reputation and customer loyalty, sometimes beyond the point of recovery. Yet, only 38% of companies have a pervasive security strategy to protect their IT infrastructure and 45% have created ad-hoc mechanisms to defend their information assets from exploitation.


G-LandOne helps businesses address persistent threats. We stay on top of the latest security trends and issues and participate in active research in order for you to benefit from our breadth of learned expertise and our depth of applied real-world knowledge.


We help build a defensive posture that hardens your infrastructure and facilities and minimizes the attack footprint.


G-LandOne deploys the most innovative and complex security solutions. We leverage industry best practices and methodologies to ensure consistency and quality, and we maintain a flexibility of mindset that allows us to lend a unique approach to each customer and each project.

Security Assessment, Audit & Testing

We review your cybersecurity policies, procedures, and documentation to identify areas of risk and provide recommendations that align your cybersecurity needs with your business objectives. This helps you reach a more secure environment and also identifies where to focus your security spend.


Our security audit includes both technical and procedural analysis. As part of this service, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing are performed to determine weaknesses in your systems.


With mobile devices and BYOD requirements becoming more common across the enterprise, we’ve partnered with the industry’s leading vendors to assist our clients in strategizing their mobility efforts to achieve compliance with the latest Federal policies as well as enhancing strong authentication and authorization controls.


Our experts have provided full lifecycle support and operational management to multiple Federal  and commercial clients in the areas of FICAM enablement, PKI engineering and enablement, and authentication and authorization solution development. We have also authored enterprise policy guidance to some of the largest agencies in the Federal Government.


In business, risk management is defined as the process of identifying, monitoring and managing potential risks in order to minimize the negative impact they may have on an organization. Examples of potential risks include security breaches, data loss, cyber attacks, system failures and natural disasters.