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IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure Design & Management

G-LandOne designs and plans IT infrastructure to meet your near term needs and to fulfill your long term requirements.


Our IT support experience includes large scale implementations for commercial and government agencies and highly critical infrastructure . G-LandOne follows a disciplined architecture definition process consistent with industry best practices and, for Government clients, follows Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) guidelines.


Our extensive background in cybersecurity and Data center Infrastructure design allows us to build network security into the architecture of the environment from the beginning. G-LandOne creates environments that are reliable and resilient, designed for 24/7 operations, and recoverable from catastrophic events.

DataCenter Solutions Simplify, unify, virtualize, and analyze

Data Center innovation and next-generation technologies are required just to keep up with today’s users who are on the move, running an assortment of applications, and demanding better BYOD experiences.


The G-LandOne team of architects and engineers have a breadth and depth of expertise — across industry and in multi-vendor architectures and services.


The combined expertise of our teams lets us create for you the most innovative and imaginative next-generation data center platforms and services.

Unified IT systems, tools and processes across both virtual and physical environments

Converged infrastructures, pre-tested, pre-validated and ready for applications on delivery

Storage designs focused around unified access, optimal performance and future growth

Virtualization solutions based on unique server, application and network requirement.

Next generation server deployments in minutes, not hours

Hardened infrastructure that minimizes the attack footprint

ITaaS for end users and organizations

Software-defined networking and data center solutions for scalable, flexible and application-centric infrastructures